Do You Know About Monopoly Live Games and Their Rules?

Monopoly Live is another hybrid type of game which has a combination of live casino as well as RNG bonus round. This is also known as MR. MONOPOLY BOARD BONUS ROUND!

Once again, such game has been released which is going to become popular among players all around the world. You will also find a number of monopoly casino offers of this game hosted by many reputed casino sites.

How to play?

When the wheel will stop on the segment of a ‘CHANCE’, then players will be presented with Chance card by MR. MONOPOLY. This card will either show random multiplier bonus or random cash prize.

If your Chance card shows up multiplier bonus, then all bets of player will remain in their place. Game host will then spin the wheel once again, and multiplier won will be multiplying their winnings for the next spin.

In case, the player once again gets a multiplier, then their multiplier will get multiplied!

In order to take part in the bonus game, all players need to have placed their bet on either ‘2-ROLLS’ or ‘4-ROLLS’.

If the wheel will stop at either -ROLLS’ or ‘4-ROLLS’, then the actual bonus game will start. The dice are usually rolled live in studio by the game presenter.

  • 2-ROLLS

If the wheel is going to stop on 2-Rolls then the bonus round can last for minimum of 2-rolls of dice.

  • 4-ROLLS

Bonus round may last minimum of 4-rolls of dice.

Rules of monopoly live game

Following are few important rules of Monopoly Live games:

  1. If your wheel lands on either 2-rolls or on one 4-rolls segments, then bonus game may last for minimum of 2 and 4 dice rolls respectively.
  2. In case double (2 dice show same number) will be rolled, then an additional reward of free dice roll will be given, except when doubles will be used for getting out of Jail.
  3. In case Mr. Monopoly will stop on Community Chest or Chance, you can either incur a fee or win a random cash prize
  4. On the board, your income tax will reduce by 10% of your bonus winnings whereas supertax will reduce winnings by 20%.
  5. If bonus winnings will allow it then only taxes and fees can be deducted.
  6. If you pass GO, then all prizes on the board thereafter will be doubled.
  7. In case Mr. Monopoly will stop on Go to Jail area and then moves to Jail, then double should be rolled for getting out. All your previous bonus winnings will remain.

Choose right casino

There is one essential thing to notice after learning about Monopoly Live. Your strategy may be the best for your game, but they can only work when you use them by playing in the right online casino.

That is the reason, it will be highly recommended that you choose your online casino, which is among the best one. They will be 100% reliable and safe. Also, they will offer the best bonuses in their live gaming.

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